Before applying for press credentials for D1GP events, please register here first -->  Press Registration

Press passes are divided into 2 categories:

Type Course Side
Pit Area
Press Room
Application Criteria

(with bib)
Yes Yes * For general press personnel, and
  PR personnel of sponsors and officials
* No videos
* Passes cannot be lent or transferred


No Yes Yes

(with bib)
Yes Yes * Non-press organizations approved by D1
* No videos
* Passes cannot be lent or transferred


No Yes Yes

Approval of press applications will be at the sole discretion of D1.

Steps Required for Press Registration

1. Register as press

Press Registration

2. Register for D1GP events

Event Registration

3. Issue a receipt

For applications that are approved, you will receive such notice 1 week before the event.
Print out the acceptance form and bring it to the press center on the day of the event.
You will receive your passes upon presentation of the form.

4. Fill in and sign waiver form

Press Regulation Form [PDF]

5. Payment of insurance fee

Pay fee of JPY2,500 per event as insurance.

  1. 1.  Applications will not be accepted on the day of the events. Please ensure to apply at least 10 days
         prior to each event.
  2. 2.  Where applicable, please insert URL of website where articles will be posted.
  3. 3.  Applications for video coverage are only possible for genuine press coverage only and have to
         be submitted together with a proposal regarding usage of such material.
  4. 4.  One copy of the material (magazine, newspaper, DVD etc) must be submitted to D1 for reference
  5. 5.  Press personnel must be properly attired. D1 reserves the right to refuse entry to personnel
         who are deemed not be dressed appropriately.
  6. 6.  Course side passes will be limited and will be issued at D1's sole discretion.
  7. 7.  Please bring with your helmet as it may be required to wear at covering race inside of the track.
         Please ensured the sufficiently safety helmet with a chin strap such as competitive cycling, 4-wheel race or
         mountaineering use. A working safety hat or disaster-preventing hat may not be used.

Press enquiries :